Quick Post: CloudPhysics Weekly Digest

CloudPhysics are still quietly working away in the background continuing to improve their analytics service…and apart from recently announcing record results for 2015 have started to send out a weekly digests which gives a great snapshot of whats happened in your vSphere environment over the course of the previous week.

The digest contains the following:


Environment Summary As of 1 Feb Weekly Change
vCenters 3 0
Observers Online 3 0 —
Observers Offline 0 0 —
VMs 4071 0
Powered on 3086 3 ▲
Powered off 979 2 ▼
Suspended 6 1 ▼
Templates 0 0 —
Hosts 169 1
Clustered 168 1 ▲
Standalone 1 0 —
Avg. VMs (on) / Host (on) 30.7 0.4 ▼
Clusters 13 0
Datastores 64 0
Total Storage 1805.09 TB < 0.01 TB ▲
Free Storage 1477.48 TB 2.02 TB ▲
Events: 25 Jan – 1 Feb
VMs with Config Changes 90
VMs Created 7
vMotions 337

Issues: As of 1 Feb

We found 5 critical issues from VMware and top datacenter vendor knowledge base articles that are highly relevant to your vSphere installation.

Visit KBA Card

1 virtual machine(s) have snapshots using more than 75% of the disk space used by all their respective virtual disks.

Snapshots Gone Wild

4 host(s) are running unsupported VMware ESXi versions.

3 host servers are not supported by VMware.

Host Inventory

26 VM(s) have experienced performance degradation due to datastore contention in last 24 hours.

VM I/O Contentions

2 datastore(s) are in inaccessible state.

Datastore Space

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They have also made public the vCenter “Deep Linking” feature which I had been beta testing and using for a while…its a great mechanism to attend to issues directly from the CloudPhyics web UI and have the vCenter Web Client launch directly to the areas that requires attention.

Click here to start a free trial that can be up and running in 15 minutes!

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