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Released: vCloud Director 8.10 and 8.20 Point Updates

Last week VMware snuck out two point releases for vCloud Director 8.10 and 8.20. For those still running those versions you now have (Build 6878548) and for 8.20 there (Build 6875354) available for download. These are both patch upgrades and resolve a number of bugs, some of which appear to be mirrored in both versions.

Scanning the Release Notes, below are some of the more notable fixes:


  • Resource limit change for a vCloud Edge Gateway Resolves an issue where the memory limit for a compact and full-4 Edge Gateway was insufficient. Memory was increased from 512MB to 2048MB
  • Performing hardware changes to a VM fails Resolves an issue where performing hardware changes to a VM in vCloud Director fails with an error message:
  • Degraded performance due to insufficient memory Resolves an issue that could lead to an insufficient memory reservation of the NSX Edge VMs, which might cause poor performance.
  • Catalog synchronization failure Resolves an issue where synchronization of a remote catalog item fails with an out of memory, causing the vCloud Director cell to crash.


  • Incorrect status update for VMs storage profile or disk-level storage Resolves an issue that could cause a VM storage profile or disk-level storage profile to be updated incorrectly when the VM is included in a recompose operation. This fix ensures that PvdcComputeGuaranteeValidator runs even when the deployment fails in Pay-As-You-Go allocation model. With this fix, the undeploy workflow ignores the VM deployment state if the undeploy operation is called with a force=true flag.
  • Failure to move virtual machines between shared datastores Resolves a storage issue where moving a virtual machine from one shared datastore to another fails.
  • Failure to revert VM snapshots Resolves an issue that could cause reverting to a virtual machine snapshot to fail
  • Failure to allocate an external IP address and a gateway IP address Resolves several issues in managing the allocation of external IP a gateway IP addresses during VM boot and runtime when the NAT service is enabled and IP Translation is set manually.
  • Failure to delete Organization VDC Resolves an issue that could cause various operations to fail.

So a small point release for good to see the team continuing to improve the platform for those not yet able to upgrade to the latest 9.0 release. If you have the entitlements, head to the MyVMware site to download the builds.


2 thoughts on “Released: vCloud Director 8.10 and 8.20 Point Updates

  1. Hi,

    It seems the API docs for 8.10 and 8.20 are quite uninformative when it comes to creating these via API.

    When creating these guys via vCloud Director, Options are:
    – Compact, Large, X-Large and Quad-Large
    – and for each one we can have HA as ON or OFF

    In the API docs it only points to compact, full and full4.
    With this – we’re missing the ability to create one of these guys (assuming Quad-Large)
    – but also – there does not seem to be a way to set the HA option via API (it seems to always deploy them as an HA pair).

    Any ideas / pointers on where I could get some more info on this?

    Would love to be able to create via API all 8 options, rather than just 3 🙁


    1. Actually – to restate this after some more research:

      I can deploy HA or not HA, however, I cannot find how do I deploy an X-Large edge?

      compact in vCD API = 1vCPU, 512MB RAM = compact option in vCloud GUI
      full in vCD API = 2vCPU, 1024MB RAM = large option in vCloud GUI
      full4 in vCD API = 4vCPU, 1024MB RAM = quad large (quad seems to be referring to cores)
      **what** in vCD API = 6vCPU, 8192MB RAM = x-large in vCloud GUI

      So we got, compact, full and full4. What in the world is the keyword for x-Large, and no – “x-large” did not work 😉


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