Released: vCloud Director SP

Last week VMware released an update for vCloud Director SP (Build 5439762) and while the small version increment suggest a small release, it actually contains a couple of important new features and introduces support for VVOL datastores which hopefully will get vCAN Service Providers looking at VVOLs a little more as well as a new Cell Management Tool command to help the debugging of the auto import feature. There are also a number of resolved issues that are worth reading through the release notes for.

  • Support for VVol (Virtual Volume) datastores
    These datastores were introduced in vSphere 6.0 and can now be selected for use by vCloud Director. See VMware Knowledge Base article 2113013 for more information about VVols.
  • New Cell Management Tool subcommand debug-auto-import 
    You can use this command to get more information about why an adopted VM was not imported. See the debug-auto-import command help for information about command options.

Also, just as a reminder that if you are a vCAN Service Provider currently running vCloud director or looking to run it, the vCloud Director Team has a VMLive session in June that will provide a sneak peek at vCloud Director.Next roadmap. Looking forward to seeing what goodies the vCD Product Team are going to announce in regards to vCD enhancements.

Those with the the correct entitlements can download the build here.


7 thoughts on “Released: vCloud Director SP

  1. Hi Anthony,
    as far as you know, did they add support to VMFS6? Despite non hint of this in the documentation, that shows vSphere 6.5 as supported, I received confirmation today that VMFS6 is NOT officially supported, until no one knows when.

    1. I’ve looked through the offical release notes and what’s new again and can’t see any specific reference, however through the BETA it was mentioned that it would be supported. This will need confirmation.

  2. Nothing in release notes and manuals. VMware documentation is very poor on this and other aspects.
    As soon as I’ll update to 9, I will directly check if my VMFS6 LUNs will change type from Unknown to the correct one.

    If still lacking support, I think we could add this to the other great problem with VCD today: no support for VCAV on vSphere 6.5.

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